5 Things to Bring on your Next Road Trip with your Dog

Hi, I’m Nikki, dog mom to @Sidekick_Salem, and as we enjoy these summer months, I want to provide some tips on traveling!

Going on road trips is something that Salem is always excited for. As a young pup, he grew up immersed in van life and was such an adaptable dog because of the constant movement, sounds and adventures underway. You could call him a well-versed avid adventurer! In saying this, Salem and his family know exactly what to pack to keep a pup healthy, nourished, and excited for adventure.


1. Water/bowl

Adventures cannot happen without water! Keeping your pup hydrated is the number one thing to remember on adventures. It can be quite exhausting, and just like humans feel after exercise, water is the best! We always have a jug and a bowl ready for a thirsty pup.

2. Treats

On road trips, there is typically quite a lot of driving involved. Since we don’t want Salem to get bored, playing some games and rewarding him with treats helps to keep his mind active and tires him out so that the road trip can go smoothly and everyone is happy! Salem’s favourite treats are ORIJEN Six Fish Freeze-Dried Treats, he loves them so much!

3. Ball/Chew Toy

Bringing a ball on road trips is the best! Stopping at random dog parks along the way, or ocean beaches with lots of space makes for a great way enjoy a new location and give your pup some exercise! The chew toy is a great addition for on the drive. Salem loves peanut butter in a Kong topped with a carrot the most. It takes him forever to get the carrot out, and he loves the challenge.

4. Bio-degradable Poo Bags

We can’t forget the poop bags, especially the bio-degradable ones. Making eco-friendly choices has always been important to our family, even in regards to poop bags. Don’t forget to clean up after your pup!

5. Waist long leash

Bringing along a waist leash has been so great on hikes. It gives the owner the ability to walk with both hands free, allowing for a fun adventure for everyone. Sometimes I even throw him a couple of treats during our hikes!

Now it’s time to plan your route, pack the car and get on the road!

Enjoy your next road trip with your pup 🙂

Nikki, Ben & Salem