An Interview with @milliethegolden’s Photographer Dog Dad

We’re catching up with some of our favorite four-legged adventure pals and their human counterparts, and this week we chatted with @milliethegolden’s dad to chat about their favorite memories, how Millie became so famous, and (of course) Millie’s favorite ORIJEN® recipe!

  • We all know our dogs are amazing. What are some of the amazing things about Millie that make her unique?

Millie is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met!  She has such an expressive face, and a very unique personality. I feel like she and I speak the same language, when I talk to her it seems like she can comprehend most of what I’m saying!

  • How did Millie end up becoming such a popular dog influencer?

Millie’s Instagram account started out as something that we did just for fun, using it as a place to post cute photos of Millie as a puppy. Once I became interested in photography, I began posting higher quality photos of her, and soon she started to gain an audience! What triggered such a massive growth of her following was being tagged in a post by my good friend @fursty, who has an audience of over 1 million followers. When he tagged Millie in a post, she gained almost 50,000 followers within a month!

  • What’s Millie’s favorite ORIJEN® diet?

So far, Millie seems to like the Original diet!

  • What’s the fondest memory you have adventuring with Millie?

After so many years, and so many adventures, it’s really hard to pick just one! If I had to choose, I’d probably say Millie’s first road trip down the coast of California in 2016. Millie was in her prime at around 3 years old, and this is the trip that made me realize how lucky we were to have each other. She makes every adventure more fun, and every memory more special! I feel really good about being able to give her such an active and adventurous lifestyle.

  • Where are some of your favorite hiking or camping spots to take Millie?

There’s so many! If I had to choose a few, I think they’re all in Alaska. Millie and I were both born and raised in Alaska, so going back there always feels like going home. We love camping in the eastern Alaska range, near Denali National Park, and on the coast in south central Alaska!