Find fun new ways to bond with your furry friend and show them the love they deserve

How To Help Your Dog Stay Hydrated

When you’re out walking or going on adventures with your dog, it’s important to ensure they’re well hydrated to help keep them healthy, happy, and safe, especially if they’re being active.

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Is Your Cat a Tree Dweller or a Bush Dweller?

hile at times it feels like our cats do this just to frustrate us, there is, in fact, more of a behavioral instinct behind it. Cats can usually be classified as either a ‘tree dweller’ or a ‘bush dweller.’ Knowing the difference can help you surround your cat with toys and furniture that will best suit your cat’s habits

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5 Training Games to Teach Your Puppy

New puppies have a ton of energy and are full of curiosity. That combination of energy and curiosity can be adorable and fun, but it can also allow them to get into trouble when they don’t have a positive outlet. To channel some of that energy for good, here is a list of fun games you can play with your puppy!

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A Toolkit for Bereavement

I don’t believe grief can be fully understood, it can only be experienced. If we fully understood it, we’d  have a solution — a recipe for resolution. We’d have access to a procedure or a therapy or a guidebook of sorts that would walk us through a few strategic steps with a certainty of complete healing.

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Siamese cat on green grass with a tree and bush in the background

Cat Safety on Halloween

While Halloween is full of fun tricks and treats for us, it can be a dangerous time for cats. As the spooky season approaches, it is important to take the necessary precautions to keep your feline friend safe.

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Musings on Black Cats

Throughout my life and my animal welfare career, I’ve found that some of the most loving, friendly, and outgoing cats I’ve encountered are black.  

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