DOGA: How to get your DownDog on

Hi, I’m Chelsey, dog mom to @gryffin_theaussie and I’m excited to share my top travel tips for you and your pup.

Throughout the pandemic, at-home workouts took over, forcing many people to take their yoga practice from indoor studios to their living rooms. After countless hours of at-home yoga videos and trying to keep my dog Gryffin occupied while I simultaneously struggled to find my Zen, I finally gave in and allowed my pup to join me on the yoga mat. At first it was a bit of a struggle, but after weeks of trial and error, I was able to teach him to become an active participant in our dog yoga, or ‘Doga’ practice. Today I’m sharing some tips on how you can incorporate your dog into your yoga practice, too!

5 Tips on Introducing your dog to Doga

1. Start Slow

Make the yoga mat a positive experience for your pup. Begin with having your dog just lay down on your mat or near it. Get your pup comfortable being on and around your yoga mat.

2. Get the Right Gear

Make sure you are comfortable and prepared with a good yoga mat, towel and lots of water (for you and your dog). You can place your dog on a leash if they like to wander away. If they get bored or easily distracted, provide a chew toy or bone!

3. Stock those Treats!

Above all else, I want yoga to be a positive experience for my dog so that it is enjoyable for both of us, and high-value rewards can help. My favorite treats to keep Gryffin happy are ORIJEN’s Freeze-Dried treats, which are made with 100% animal ingredients. Gryffin will do anything for them!

4. Consider the Style of Yoga

Just like most things in life, you have to find the right style and fit for you. There are SO many different types of yoga, from the “workout” inspired flows, to the restorative style.

5. Have Fun!

Remember not to take class too seriously! The point is to enjoy the experience – always listen to your body & don’t forget to give your pup all the attention and love they deserve! Dog on!

Ever since Gryffin started joining me on the yoga mat, I have found it to be the best thing ever—for both Gryffin and myself! By combining my two passions—fitness and my dog—I feel it allows me to be more present and just enjoy my yoga practice even more!