Having a Dog (or Two!) Means Having an Adventure Buddy for Life

Read Instagram stars’ @the_aussie_bros_ post on why having a dog (or two!) means having an adventure buddy for life. Explore why your beloved best friend is also your best adventure buddy, today!

There’s nothing like the sound of the rippling water, the salty breeze blowing through your hair, the soreness of your muscles as you keep paddling on, and your best friend & adventure buddy laying by you—eyes lit up with excitement for yet another adventure together. Paddle-boarding is one of my absolute favorite activities to do with my pups, Ray & Buc. Since they were little, these boys have always loved the water! Here in Florida we have a ton of beaches that are dog-friendly, and while the waves can be a little scary at first, my dogs have come to love running up and down the shoreline, jumping over waves and swimming around in circles close to shore.

Having a pup means never having to adventure alone. We love exploring new parts of town, going to the botanical gardens, walking trails in waterfront parks, and then relaxing in a hammock together as we watch the sun go down. Refueling mid-adventure on my dogs’ favorite ORIJEN® dog food & freeze-dried dog treats is one of the ways we keep their energy levels up so they’re always ready for more adventures! Getting to share those special breathtaking moments with them outside in nature are memories I will always cherish.