Musings on Black Cats

Contributor: Samantha Bell, Cat Expert for Best Friends Animal Society

Samantha Bell has been working with shelter cats and cat behavior for over 20 years. She spent many years as the Cat Behavior & Enrichment Lead for Best Friends Animal Society and as a national trainer for Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Pawsitive program. Currently, Samantha is the Cat Content Strategist for Best Friends and runs her own cat business at

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Throughout my life and my animal welfare career, I’ve found that some of the most loving, friendly, and outgoing cats I’ve encountered are black.  

I’ve also found black cats to be quite intelligent. I grew up with two black cats and was able to easily teach them tricks as a child. 

Their sleek, shiny coats are stunning. And, since we wear a lot of black, their fur doesn’t show up on clothes as much. 

They tend to live longer than lighter-colored cats due to stronger immune systems. 

I lived in Japan for a couple of years, and they think of black cats as good luck! I brought that belief back with me to the states and I’ve found it to be true! 

Their fur is not only gorgeous but also fascinating, because it can turn rust/brownish in the sun, and it gets little flecks of white as they age, like us. 

I’ve found that black cats often get the best homes. The adopters that come in are more concerned with a cat’s personality and compatibility than their fur color and tend to be wonderful cat owners! 

Who wouldn’t want a miniature panther in their home?