4 things to do as soon as you get a new puppy

Written by: Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA

Please note, I received compensation in exchange for this blog post. – Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA

Just got a new puppy? Start him or her off on the right paw by doing these four things as soon as you get your puppy home.

  1. Give your puppy some down time in a safe place. Puppies need lots of rest. Just like people, puppies can get irritable and grumpy when they lack sleep. Be sure to provide your puppy with a safe enclosure such as a crate or exercise pen and give them down time even when the whole family might be home. Get them used to their safe place as quickly as possible.
  2. Keep your puppy on a schedule to help speed up housetraining. Housetraining is really just a combination of supervision and scheduling. The better schedule you have for your puppy, the quicker housetraining will happen. Housetraining is all about creating habits. Feed you puppy on a schedule and take them out every 2-3 hours so they go to the bathroom outside as often as possible. Keeping your puppy on a good schedule the first week is critical to your success.
  3. Let your puppy meet lots of new people. Have your puppy meet at least 100 different people by the time they are 3 months old. Invite friends and neighbors into your home to meet your puppy, but make sure each encounter is fun for the dog. Have visitors sit on the floor and let your puppy approach at their own pace. If they’re nervous, have your visitors offer treats to them.
  4. Teach your puppy to sit. Take advantage of all the people who will want to meet your new puppy and let them teach your puppy to sit. Have everyone play the “sit game.” Hold a toy or treat above the puppy’s head until they sit. Then reward with the toy or treat. In no time, your puppy will learn sitting gets him attention, toys, and food. This works with dogs of any age.

Remember…anytime a puppy is with a person, one of the two animals is learning something. Let’s try to make sure it’s the puppy that is learning good manners! It’s never too early to teach your puppy skills that will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Robin Bennett is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). To learn more about her, visit her at www.TheDogGurus.com