Adventure with your Cat

Hi, I’m Reanne and proud pet parent to @mynameiscypress, and I wanted to share my best adventure tips with you.

So what makes an adventure cat? Before we even brought Cypress home we had already decided she would be joining us on all our family adventures. Being outside in nature exploring waterfalls, camping, or fishing at a lake not only makes for happier humans, it makes for happier cats too! Maybe you’re wondering how you would even start adventuring with your cat? The secret is that taking your cat on successful & smooth outdoor adventures happens a little bit at a time. This includes getting your kitty into a harness enough times so they stop flopping over, spending some time outside in the backyard with your cat on a leash, and taking some short trips with your cat in the car to run errands. Every positive experience with your cat builds their confidence a little at a time.

So here are a few tips if you want to give adventuring a try with your favourite kitty!

1. You’ll need a little bit of gear

A cat backpack is critical, as it becomes a safe space for your cat and a place they can go if they feel overwhelmed. A cat harness and a leash are also vital, particularly a harness that your cat can’t Houdini their way out of. All cats are different shapes and sizes, so this might take some trial and error.

2. Pick your destination

Will you be exploring the downtown of a major city, or will you be hiking a trail in the Rocky Mountains with your cat? Either way, both have sounds, smells and activities that require a slow introduction. A city bus and a roaring waterfall are equally as noisy and intimidating to cats.

3. Pick the right trail

Most cats don’t want to walk in large open areas. A trail through trees or along a city sidewalk with some buildings is much preferred. And don’t worry, your cat is agile enough to breeze over fallen logs or steep inclines that might slow us humans down.

4. Pack some nutrition

We find Cypress won’t drink water when she is in adventure mode, so we love to have dehydrated cat treats, like Orijen’s Freeze-Dried Cat Treats, that we can re-hydrate with water.

5. Smell the roses.

Whether you’re trying to reach the summit or just taking a leisurely stroll to your local city park with your kitty, cats love to take in their natural environments, so give them time to do just that.

Having an adventure cat is meant to enrich their life and strengthen your bond as a pet owner. As much as Cypress loves to trot along with the dogs on a busy hiking trail, she is not a dog, nor do we compare her to one. Cypress is so in tune with the natural environment, and it is a pleasure to watch her interact with it. From a butterfly fluttering overhead to the vibration of blades of grass from a mouse below—she is taking it all in, and when the day is over she is happy and fulfilled.