ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food is Here!

Over the years many Pet Lovers have asked for this, so we’re very proud to announce we’ve launched ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food! Made with the same nourishing animal protein found in our dry dog food, each can of ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food is packed with 95%* premium animal ingredients. This includes succulent and nourishing WholePrey ingredients like meat or poultry, and organs and bone that provide your dog with nutrients and energy they need to really thrive. ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food is the perfect way to give your dog peak nutrition and hydration, and it makes a perfect addition to their current ORIJEN® dog food diet.

ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food comes in 6 nourishing diets, including:

Puppy Poultry & Fish Pate Recipe
Original Stew
Chicken Recipe Stew
Beef Recipe Stew*
Regional Red Stew
Tundra Stew

*Beef Recipe only available in the USA.