Tips for Travelling Safely with your Dog

Hi, I’m Chelsey, dog mom to @gryffin_theaussie and I’m excited to share my top travel tips for you and your pup.

When I first thought of traveling with my dog, Gryffin, I was extremely overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to begin. I think that’s why a lot of people tend to just get a pet sitter or board their pups. However, I can honestly say my trips are way better when I get to experience new places and cultures with my dog by my side. Gryffin has more stamps on her passport than most people — she has been on train rides through Europe, gondolas up the Swiss Alps, helicopter rides over the Hollywood sign, Paris fashion week runways, Catamarans in Costa Rica, and beyond! Her travel miles are probably equal to the priority club among most airlines!

If you’re interested in safely and smoothly traveling with your pup, here are some quick travel tips that really work for Gryff and I:

1. Make sure your dog is comfortable traveling.

If you can start your dog traveling young — do it. Start by bringing your dog along with you in the car while running errands to get them used to the mode of travel. Make sure to bring high value treats along for the trip, too, like ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Dog Treats. I started out with small trips like this and now, when we prepare for a quick trip to the beach or just to a friend’s house, Gryff happily gets in the car ready for our next adventure.

2. Start with smaller trips with your dog and go up from there.

Maybe it’s just a local weekend getaway where you and your dog go camping. I love to travel solo, but having my pup with me helps me feel safe, and makes it all around better because I get to experience traveling with my best friend!

3. Trying to fly with your dog?

Some airlines do not allow pets in the cabin, so check to make sure your airline is pet friendly. Before flying, make sure to get your dog lots of exercise and use the bathroom before entering the airport. Most airports have a dog relief area, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for signs. There’s a lot of commotion when going through security, especially for a dog, so I always bring ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Dog Treats with me. That way I can reward for her good behavior and keep her focused on me!

4. When we’re on the plane, I try to make it as comfortable and happy as possible for a dog so that traveling remains a positive/fun experience for her.

Sometimes airplane turbulence and the take-off/landing can make dogs nervous, so I always make sure to comfort Gryff during those times with lots of ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, and give her lots of attention. This helps with her nerves and allows her to enjoy the adventure!

5. If you are flying with a service animal, you need to fill out the DOT Form online and submit it to the airline (48 hours prior to departure).

Make sure to call the airlines in advance to tell them you are bringing your service animal, and keep in mind that many airlines currently do not allow Emotional Support Animals (ESA) in the cabin of their airplane.

6. If you are flying with a pet, follow your specific airline’s policy on pets, which can usually be found on their official website or by calling them directly.

Make sure to have an updated vaccine paper for your dog on hand while traveling, and research the area you are flying into — each state/country has special requirements.

7. Check to make sure you have enough dog food and treats.

Some countries and locations do not have as much variety or the supply that you might have predicted, or they might not carry the specific brand of food your dog is used to eating. I keep at least three days worth of dog food with me in my carry-on in case and I do not switch Gryff’s diet, because I don’t want her to get an upset stomach during an already stressful time! That’s why I always bring enough ORIJEN dog food with us to make sure I keep some semblance of routine and comfort for Gryff, wherever we go in the world.