Introducing NEW ORIJEN Wet Cat Food!

ORIJENTM pet food has a new way to help nourish your wildcat with new ORIJEN Wet Cat Food! Packed with 95% quality animal ingredients*, ORIJEN super premium wet cat food provides the protein and hydration your cat needs to thrive. They can try 6 protein packed diets, including a pâté specially formulated to nourish growing kittens. Every can is also topped with succulent shreds of meat, poultry or fish!

ORIJEN Wet Cat Food comes in 6 nourishing diets:

ORIJENTM Chicken & Salmon Entrée for Kittens

ORIJENTM Original Entrée Wet Cat Food

ORIJENTM Regional Red Entrée

ORIJENTM Tuna, Salmon & Beef Entrée

ORIJENTM Duck & Chicken Entrée

We recommend nourishing your cat by feeding them a combination diet including their favorite ORIJEN dry food, a variety of ORIJEN Wet Cat Food (it’s a great opportunity to mix diets and keep mealtime exciting), and plenty of fresh water. You can also add ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Treats for cats as a protein-rich reward.

You can see the entire New ORIJENTM Wet Cat Food lineup here.

*Exclusive of water, approximate value.