Siamese cat on green grass with a tree and bush in the background

Cat Safety on Halloween

Contributor: Erin Wunderlich – Agricultural Communications Student at the University of Illinois and Vice President of National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow.

Please note that I received compensation in exchange for this blog post 

As you drive along your neighborhood in the coming weeks before October 31st, I’m sure you’ve seen countless Halloween decorations that include cats. Light-up statues, ornaments, and even cat Halloween costumes are among the many party props used for Halloween décor.

While Halloween is full of fun tricks and treats for us, it can be a dangerous time for cats. As the spooky season approaches, it is important to take the necessary precautions to keep your feline friend safe.

Here are some general guidelines to help keep your cat safe around Halloween from a black cat owner.

  • Keep your cats inside! And if they do go outside, please supervise their behavior.
    • Especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween and Halloween night, it is important not to let your cat outside. A cat is lost or stolen mainly when they roam free around the neighborhood. It is very easy to snatch up a cat, especially if they are friendly. Sadly, there may be limited formal means to pursue an investigation if your cat goes missing.
  • If you have an outdoor cat, buy a collar with a tracker.
    • If you have an outdoor cat and can’t keep them inside for most of October, the best option is to buy a collar that allows you to attach a tracker to it. This way, you can track your cat if they stay out too long or if you become worried about their safety. If you do purchase a collar, ensure that it is a break-away collar to avoid potential collar accidents.
  • Keeping your cat away from the door when trick-or-treaters come.
    • With people dressing up in scary costumes and constantly coming to your door, your cat may be startled enough to bolt outside. By keeping them in a separate part of the house for the night, you minimize the risk of them getting out and not being able to find them.
  • Keep cats away from flickering pumpkin lights and candy.
    • It is also important to remember to keep your cats away from flames. Many people love to put candles in pumpkins on Halloween – but if I know anything – cats are curious and may end up hurting themselves. Also, please don’t leave any candy unattended where your cat can reach; it could be poisonous to cats (like chocolate).
  • Finally, be mindful of your cat’s stress levels and emotions.
    • If you decide to keep your cat inside and separate them in a part of your house that they are not used to, ensure you provide them with all their basic needs (such as food, water, and a litterbox). Additionally, please spend some time with your cat calming them down and showing them that this space is comfortable and safe for them to be in.

*All tips and facts listed above come from my experience as a cat owner & prior research I did once I adopted a cat.